Stages in VAIRAGYA. Swami Sivananda.

There are four stages in Vairagya

1. Yatamana – This is an attempt not to allow the mind to run into sensual grooves; 
 2. Vyatireka-In this stage some objects are attracting you and you are endeavoring to cut off the attachment and attraction. Slowly Vairagya develops for these objects also. Then the Vairagya matures. When some objects tempt and delude you, you should ruthlessly avoid them. You will have to develop Vairagya  for these tempting objects and it must also mature. In this stage you are conscious of your degree of Vairagya towards different objects;
3. Ekendriya -The senses stand still and subdued, but the mind has either raga or dwesha for objects. Mind is, in other words, the only sense that functions independently;
4. Vasirara -In this highest stage of Vairagya , the objects no longer tempt you. They cause no attraction. The senses are perfectly quiet. The mind also is free from likes and dislikes (raga and dvesha). Then you get supremacy or independence. Now you are conscious of your supremacy. Without Vairagya no spiritual progress is possible.




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